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About LoveWorks Academy

At LoveWorks, we all are inspired to find our passion and purpose in life. We believe learning starts when the mind is curious. Curiosity must be nurturing in a safe environment. Every person does not thrive in large systems and every person is not the same. In understanding this, we ensure there is a commonality of love and high expectations to drive success in all aspects of life.  We are striving to make change in our educational system to better serve our students of today and tomorrow.  
LoveWorks Academy is a community driven by the love of arts, life-long personalized academic empowerment, and overall community uplift. Our students are more than pupils! We identify the roots of their hopes, dreams, and struggles to make a meaningful connection with their heart.  This approach often allows for our students to grow holistically while preserving their sense of self. At LoveWorks Academy, we make no excuses and maintain the highest standards with a clear focus on constant progression. You and your child come first at LoveWorks!