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Board of Directors


Board Executives


Board Chair

Raygen Gipson

[email protected]

Board Member Term ends June 30, 2022


Vice Chair

Position Vacant




Joe Billings - Community Member

Elected February 17, 2022



Zach Hach - LWA Middle School Math Teacher 

[email protected] 

Elected May 19, 2019; Term ends June 30, 2022


Board Members


Community Member

Sophia Myllykangas - Parent Member
[email protected]
Term ends June 30, 2022


Community Member

Richard Terrell 

Term ends June 30, 2022


Ex-Officio Members:

Arthur Turner, III – Executive Director
[email protected]

Lisa Hasledalen – Business Manager
[email protected]

[email protected]

**There are no relatives on the LoveWorks Academy Board of Directors**

**Terms end in June of the current SY with elections occurring at the May Annual Meeting**

The Executive Committee is made up of the Board Chair and Treasurer.
A Community Liaison is like a human bridge. Community Liaisons link organizations with the people they serve.
A Community Expert is an individual who has a specific area of expertise.