1. What grade levels are served at LoveWorks? LoveWorks Academy currently provides grades K-8.  Our pre-k program will be starting soon. 
  2. What are the school hours for LoveWorks students? 
    1. Students may enter the front foyer at 7:00am. 
    2. Students may enter hallways to head to breakfast at 7:10am.  
    3. LION Start (breakfast and community building) occurs from 7:10am-7:45am.
    4. Academics begin at 8:00am. 
    5. Dismissal procedures begin at 2:30pm and are complete by 2:45pm. 
    6. After-school hours are 3:00pm-5:00pm.
  3. What does LoveWorks offer for Visual & Performing Arts? We offer opportunities in the arts which include: Music, Dance, Drama, Choir, Visual Art, Literary Art, Student Leadership and more. After-school opportunities are available.  
  4. What type of transportation will be available for enrolled students? Bus transportation is provided. We run buses daily for morning and afternoon routes. Parents are also encouraged to drop off and pick students up from school.
  5. When was LoveWorks founded? LoveWorks opened its doors in the Fall of 2005.
  6. What is the academic model at LoveWorks? We have a blended learning model which incorporates a mixture of direct instruction, student-led stations for practice and online learning.  
  7. Why was LoveWorks created as a charter school? LoveWorks believes that art is the best foundation for high engagement within the classroom.  Students are empowered and develop true joy through artistic experiences. By offering curriculum with a strong emphasis on the arts, students can merge critical thinking skills and creativity into all aspects of learning and life. 
  8. How can I get involved as a parent/guardian or family member? LoveWorks Academy offers several family engagement opportunities including but, not limited to:
    1. LION Conferences
    2. Power Saturdays
    3. Harvest Festival
    4. Parents of Dynamics Stars (PODS)
    5. Join the Board of Directors
    6. Arts Showcases
    7. Volunteering and much more. 
  9. I am hesitant to place my child in a new charter school. Why should I consider LoveWorks? LoveWorks and Charter schools, in general, are held to the same standard and measure of accountability as all public schools. At LoveWorks we have the flexibility to be selective in our hiring of staff and teachers. This maximizes our ability to have the right candidate in the classroom with your children. We create a unique learning environment that supports the needs and interests of students, staff, family, and the community.
  10. My child has special needs. What services are available to support my child? Every school is required to provide support to children with special needs.  A needs assessment will take place during your admissions process and an Individualized Educational Plan will be reviewed and discussed.
  11. My child has always attended a neighborhood school. Will attending LoveWorks be a difficult transition? 
    The transition varies for each student.  While charter schools are known for their unique/individual approaches to educating students, they are not that different from regular public schools. LoveWorks strives to create and support a learning environment that is nurturing and rigorous to maximize overall student growth.  LoveWorks offers a structured and consistent school day where the expectations are clear, visible, and positively enforced.
Please feel free to contact our school directly to learn more about the benefits of attending LoveWorks Academy.