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  • What grade levels are served at Loveworks? LoveWorks Academy currently provides grades K-8th.
  • What do we offer as far as Visual & Performing Arts?  We offer specialized courses in the arts which include: Music, Dance, Drama, Choir, Literary Art, and Student Leadership. Other classes are offered on a short term basis after school. Private Lessons with dance and music teachers are offered on an individual basis.
  • What type of transportation will be available for my child?  Bus transportation is provided. Bus routes will be determined after admission to LoveWorks. We offer busing to students from Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Crystal and New Hope. We run buses daily for morning and afternoon routes. Parents are also encouraged to drop off and pick children up from school.
  • How long have we been in existence? LoveWorks opened its doors in the fall of 2005.
  • What curriculum do we use? Imagine Learning, IXL, Newsela, Benchmark Advance... 
  • Why was LoveWorks created as a charter school? LoveWorks believes that art is not a luxury and should be taught to all children free of charge. By offering curriculum with a strong emphasis on the arts, we are providing a much needed opportunity to the students and families of Minneapolis and surrounding communities.
  • I am hesitant to place my child in a new charter school. Why should I? LoveWorks and Charter schools, in general, are held to the same standard and measure of accountability as all public schools. At LoveWorks we have the flexibility to be selective in our hiring of staff and teachers. This insures that we have the highest quality of teachers in the classroom with your children. By developing a charter school from the bottom up, we are able to create a learning environment that supports the needs and interests of students, staff, family, and the community.
  • How can I become more involved with LoveWorks?
    • We welcome your participation at LoveWorks.  There are many ways to get involved at our school.
    • LoveWorks Board - Please join us at our monthly meetings where we discuss the vision and direction of our school.  This is the decision-making body of our school; made up of parents, staff, and community members. 
    • Volunteer in the classroom for family events and/ or field trips.
    • Attend school events. 
    • PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), named PODS by our students. Let us know how you would like to become involved. 
  • My child has special needs. What services will be available to support my child? Every school is required to provide the necessary services to support children with special needs. A needs assessment will take place at your admission interview and an Individualized Educational Plan will be reviewed and discussed.
  • My child has always attended a neighborhood school. Will the adjustment be difficult for him/her to a charter school? While charter schools are known for their unique/individual approaches to educating students, they are not that different from regular public schools in a number of critical areas. LoveWorks strives to create and support a learning environment that is open and welcoming to students with a broad range of experience. LoveWorks offers a structured and consistent routing that lends itself well to the current school day in most public schools. Rules and expectations are laid out early and often to reduce confusion about behavior and school work.

Please feel free to contact our school directly to learn more about the benefits of attending LoveWorks Academy.