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Visual and Performing Arts Department



To provide students with the skills and knowledge in the art field of their choice, so prepare them for possibility of future careers as professional artist and to enhance student academic achievement. The objective is to use students’ artistic passions and abilities to help them gain achievements in their academics.


At LoveWorks Academy for Visual & Performing Arts, we understand that art is one of the important ways students learn and interact with our world. Art is powerful in our society. The students who find their power in the arts go on to be powerful and effective leaders in our society. Students at LoveWorks are exposed to a variety of artistic fields:


v      Dance

v      Music

v      Drama

v      Art

v      Media

v      Literary Art


Students in grades K-2 will explore all fields of art. Students in grades 3rd-8th will have the opportunity to choose the art field they will like to explore most. The purpose for this approach is for students to really focus and study the art field that they are most likely to have as a professional artist. We believe students will embrace the art field along with their classmates that are interested in the same art discipline verses placing them with students that aren’t interested in that art field.



Students will showcase the work they completed in their art classes that semester. The showcase will take place twice year in once in December and May.


Art in the Classes:

Performing Arts is intergraded in the students’ classrooms. Students will work on a play or performance that they will share with the school at the school assemblies. Through this element, students will get to work and experience the art field of visual art. Students will make props, costumes and sets.


Students will also complete art project throughout the year in other subject matters (reading, math, social studies, and science).


Art after school:

Students will have the opportunity to audition for LoveWorks Academy annual musical. This production will be performed in March or April.



The arts program is free to all students at LoveWorks. Students must maintain a grade of a C or better to continue their arts. If a student drops below a C, the student will be placed on academic probation and have to attend study hall and/or tutoring after school. If grades have not improved to a C or better in a predetermined timeline, the student will remain in study hall for the term.

Students must meet the requirements and expectations of the art classes they are taking. If a student is not meeting the requirements and expectations of its art class they will have to option of exploring another art class or study hall. This request has to be approved by the arts coordinator.



Students will be graded on performance in their art class/classes. Students’ will be given a grade of, “E, S, or N”. This grade will not count towards student GPA.