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Founder's Message

Founder’s Message

The thought that love works when it is provided as the foundation of any given opportunity speaks volumes to the existence of LoveWorks Academy. Striving to promote excellence in education and in the development of children of all nationalities and saturating them in the human need to be cared for and to matter as human beings has shaped LoveWorks Academy into what it is today. In the forming years and in current times it is my hope that every child and family to take part in the LoveWorks experience is left with the essential tools to become productive, intelligent and life changing citizens of our greater world.

I dreamed of a school where students are challenged academically, artistically, and physically and where each and every day is full and enriching. A school where students are encouraged, engaged, and empowered under the direction of highly trained professionals and upon graduation successful through the high school years and able to apply to any first-class conservatory, university, performing arts school, across the nation, or around the world thereafter. That dream is now concrete in the reality of LoveWorks Academy. Thank you for your support and interest in allowing us to serve your child.

Patrice D. Dorrall
LoveWorks Founder